"Moneyball" Book & Movie Redesign

Redesign of "Moneyball" movie poster and book cover

For this project, I had to choose a movie that had come from a book and redesign the movie poster and the book cover.  The plot of the movie is basically the general manager of the Oakland A's baseball team building a team on a very limited budget.  He looks for value in players that are overlooked for numerous reasons and constructs a team of misfit players that compete with teams with superstar players and bigger budgets.
For my book cover, I looked back to the old childhood games where you have to balance the toy to tilt the ball into the different slots.  I found that that mirrored the struggles that are faced by the GM to put together a decent baseball team.  A major issue is that there isn't a first baseman, so the team trains another player to play first base, that is why the ball is sitting on first base.  I set the toy on a wood desk to signify that this isn't about the players or the team, but rather the GM who has to manage trades and contracts.
For the movie poster, I focused on the statistics and equations that help determine the value of a player.  This concept plays a huge role in the movie.  Having the stats run through the strike box signifies what the team can manage considering its budget.  The color scheme and flatness of the image is to reflect the A's and the flatness of sports graphics.  I wanted to keep the movie poster as minimal as possible because I always think that minimal posters raise more questions and make the viewer want to see the movie so that they understand the poster.
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