Theseus App Design

Theseus is a writing and research guide app to help students writing research papers.

Theseus is a research guide to aid students writing research papers.  The target demographic is high school and college students.  The app is meant to organize and simplify the process of writing research papers by compiling everything needed into one app.  In the app, the user can save their sources from their web browser or from scanning a book's barcode.  The app automatically cites the sources in any format.  From there they can take notes and export their sources and notes to a laptop as a text document.
Home page and log in page
Writing Guides page.  The user can scroll through all of the helpful links on how to research, set up, and write a research paper.  The user can also search for a specific topic.
This is a source that a user has saved.  The app would save a PDF version of the document for offline viewing and note taking.  The user can scroll, highlight, and write notes in the document.  Highlighted text and notes are shown together in the notes tab and is exported out along with a bibliography page.
In this page, the user can select what format they are working in.  All of the information will be automatically formatted into this style.
This page has sliders for the user to select how their documents are synced and saved.
Once a user scans a book's barcode the information about the book automatically fills these text boxes.  The user can also fill these manually.  When the user is done, the source is saved to the Sources page.
Here the user can change their profile picture, name, and banner picture.  They can upload a picture from their camera app and then use the slider to crop the image.
Menu, Project Selection, Log In, Book Scan, Source pages
Video walk-through of a user logging in, selecting a project, scanning a book barcode, then finding that source and reading through the PDF.
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